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"ŽITOPROMET-MLINPEK" D.O.O. OLD PAZOVA stock company in mixed ownership was established in 1950 by joining organizations of milling and bakery in Srema. It started with about thirty employees who worked on the processing and production of wheat bread and rolls. It was a pure handicraft production. MLINPEK today employs 130 workers mostly professional and qualified to work in the food industry.

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21.05.2013.-Poziv za redovnu skupštinu 22.06.2013. godine
17.05.2013.-Poziv za vanrednu sednicu skupštine akcionara
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News from company

In addition to selling products in domestic and foreign markets the company is engaged in selling (trading) grain commodities. Repurchase of drying and storing corn and other grains. Significant exports of corn, soybean and sunflower-exported 26 500 t of maize through June 2011. years. we are among the leading exporters of this culture in Serbia.
company is also engaged in contracting and organization of cereal and industrial crops with agricultural producers in the barter for seed and fertilizer.


Operational data
MLINPEK d.o.o.

"MLINPEK" develops and hospitality network.
In Stara Pazova place at the elite, very successfully for a pizzeria, restaurant and confectionery.

Mlinpek Pizzeria
Svetosavska 9 Street
Open hours: 07.00 h - 24.00 h