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About us

"ŽITOPROMET - MLINPEK d.o.o." is a manufacturer of grain mill products is known for its long tradition and high quality products. In all the elements of your business, we implemented a system of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point - HACCP.

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17.05.2013.-Poziv za vanrednu sednicu skupštine akcionara
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News from company
MLINPEK d.o.o.
"MLINPEK" develops and hospitality network.
In Stara Pazova place at the elite, very successfully for a pizzeria, restaurant and confectionery.

• Maintain and continuously improve food safety management system as required RECOMMENDED INTERNATIONAL CODE OF PRACTICE GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF FOOD HYGIENE CAC / RCP 1-1969, Rev.4 - 2003 - HACCP.
• Continued increase in customer satisfaction and customer
• Monitoring and implementation of modern technologies
• The application of HACCP principles in manufacturing
• Apply the principles of good hygiene practice and GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE
• Constantly acquiring new knowledge and motivating employees to achieve maximum results
• Taking measures to improve the quality of suppliers and establish partnerships with them
• Alignment of processes and products with relevant legislation and standards
• Exchange of information on quality and safety of our products
external stakeholders.

The quality of raw materials and finished products daily controls its own, modern-equipped laboratories.

Continuous determination of the management of the company "ŽITOPROMET - MLINPEK d.o.o." is: